Protectque USA Inc. is committed to the reinvestment in manufacturing by allocating resources in the amount of $11.2B through our investment partners to manufacture and distribute PPE for the needs of the American people. We have the ability to manufacture an arrangement of PPE in the form of Mask, Gloves, Gowns, wipes, and Hand Sanitizer to the American people in a fast and efficient manner. We specialize in rapid manufacturing and high-volume production programs to meet any delivery requirements.


Protectque is the largest aggregator of successful manufacturers of PPE to develop manufacturing capacity in the United States.


Our services encompass manufacturing, inspection, assembly and delivery. We work with our clients in  selecting cost-effective and functional solutions for all of the specific PPE needs. As a complete manufacturer/distributor, we are uniquely positioned to offer our customers an integrated, one-source solution.


Protectque USA Inc has the capability to span through several industries and our reputation for timing and quality will be superb in each. Our success will be evidenced by our ability to create a longstanding partnership with the Federal Government and other commercial clients globally. We take pride in knowing that our service to our customers allows them to have a trusted one-source solution in America that can deliver the products they need that are best products on the market.


Protectque USA Inc (Veteran-owned) long time contractor of The Department of Veteran Affairs and has built upon its history of reliable performance to assist the Veteran Affairs Administration with PPE during this pandemic. Protectque USA Inc has developed relationships with multiple PPE manufactures like 3M to support the Veterans Affairs Administration.

Protectque USA Inc and through its sister company, has worked for multiple large firms over the past few years (Kirlin Builders, a $145M annual revenue company, part of the Kirlin Group / Gilbane Federal, a $320M annual revenue company, part of Gilbane, Inc.). In terms of financials, it made more sense to work directly for the firms instead of as a consultant. During that time, we worked and built relationships with MEDDCOM (US ARMY Medical Command) and AFMS (Air Force Medical Service), in addition to servicing the Department of Human Health Services. All of these organizations utilized the US Army Corps of Engineers to execute their contracts through the MRR (Medical Repair/Renovation) program. This program allowed me to build larger relationships with all of the DOD Hospitals, Dental Clinics, Medical Clinic and Vet Clinics throughout the world for their construction and medical equipment/furnishing needs. Through the experience in the medical construction arena for the federal government, we were able to utilize my construction experience and veteran status to gain access to the Department of Veteran Affairs. The Department of Veteran Affairs has only been executing contracts with Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) or Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) for their initial contracting. The use of my VOSB set aside designation allowed me to further gain more access and opportunities to the VA, especially with my vast medical construction experience.

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Get in Touch

Chief Executive


Mr. Joe Brookman is a seasoned and talented executive leading Protectque USA Inc and will focus on expanding the reach of Protectque USA Inc in the Federal Healthcare space as a major supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Prior to Protectque USA Inc, Mr. Brookman ran companies for more than 16 years principally focused in Federal contracting building relationships with the Department of Defense (DoD) Medical Command working with facilities world-wide, Veterans Administration (VA), and Department of Labor. 


Mr. Brookman graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Mathematics and concentrations in Computer Science, Economics and Fine Arts.  He attended graduate school at Stanford with an MS in Operations Research and spent nearly 20 years at Bell Laboratories working in telecommunications, operations and large managed-service environments.  While at Bell laboratories he was part of UNIX System Laboratories, a spin-off where he served as Director of Strategy and Product Management and at Novell following its acquisition.  He played a key role in selling the Unix Systems Division of Novell to Hewlett Packard, Santa Cruz Operation, and BEA Systems. Mr. Brookman then worked for Hewlett Packard in their large systems division. His first venture-backed company was Qtopics providing community-based polling, and later Improv Technologies providing a highly distributed computing services platform.   He served on the board of directors for Microlog Corporation (A multi-channel customer engagement solution) and became President and CEO in, 2003-2006 where he worked with more than 30 military and veteran healthcare facilities on Access-to-Care.