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Protectque USA Inc. is committed to reinvestment in manufacturing by allocating resources in the amount of $11.2B through our investment partners to manufacture and distribute PPE for the needs of the American people. We have the ability to manufacture an arrangement of PPE in the form of Masks, Gloves, Gowns, wipes, and Hand Sanitizer for the American people in a fast and efficient manner. We specialize in rapid manufacturing and high-volume production programs to meet any delivery requirements.


Protectque is the largest aggregator of successful manufacturers of PPE to develop manufacturing capacity in the United States.


Our services encompass manufacturing, inspection, assembly and delivery. We work with our clients in selecting cost-effective and functional solutions for all of their specific PPE needs. As a complete manufacturer/distributor, we are uniquely positioned to offer our customers an integrated, one-source solution.


Protectque USA Inc has the capability to span through several industries and our reputation for timing and quality will be superb in each. Our success will be evidenced by our ability to create a longstanding partnership with the Federal Government and other commercial clients globally. We take pride in knowing that our service to our customers allows them to have a trusted one-source solution in America that can deliver the products they need that are the best products on the market.


Protectque USA Inc (Veteran-owned) long-time contractor of The Department of Veteran Affairs and has built upon its history of reliable performance to assist the Veteran Affairs Administration with PPE during this pandemic.

Serving Federal government since 2003

Meet The Team

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Michael Best

Vice President

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Lisa Porter

Sales Director West

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CEO & President

Bernard Wright

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