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Protectque USA (Veteran owned) long-time contractor of The Department of Veteran Affairs has built upon its history of reliable performance to assist the Veteran Affairs Administration with PPE during this pandemic. Protectque USA has also developed relationships with the Department of Justice, Department of State, and the Defense Logistics Agency to support our federal government in the pandemic.

Protectque USA has a solid track record of performance and delivery. The firm was founded as an organization that aligns itself with the goals of our federal clients and with being a strategic partner to enhance their business capabilities. We offer you the integrity and the track record that may enable you to enhance the value of your business and become a greater resource to your clients. We provide professional services and render assistance throughout the process while developing relationships with our clients. We are adept at preventing and minimizing risk, providing an efficacious workflow, which enables our clients to not only be prepared for current conditions but also help to forecast future requirements. Protectque USA Inc is committed to providing our clients with quantifiable, long-term solutions and customer service excellence.

Protectque manufactures nitrile gloves to the highest USA quality standards.